Game of Thrones Ratings Hold Steady

robert-baratheon-game-of-thrones-17629743-1280-720_288x288HBO executives are breathing a sigh of relief this week.  Game of Thrones premiered to a healthy 4.5 million viewers two weeks ago and it appears to have retained that audience for the second episode and (they hope) beyond.  The network’s primary concerns were that viewers would either ignore the fantasy series entirely or that after the first episode, they would decide that the show just wasn’t something they were interested in.  Neither of those appear to be the case.

With similar numbers reported for the Easter Sunday episode, Game of Thrones fans can rest assured that the series remains popular.  HBO has already announced a second season of the show but many fans were worried that the show wouldn’t appeal to a mainstream audience.  Critical acclaim is almost unanimous and fans and non-fans alike are anxious to see what happens next with the series.  HBOWatch would like to congratulate HBO, George R.R. Martin and all those responsible for producing this epic tale on a long and successful future.    It would appear that winter has come- and people can’t get enough of it.

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