Game of Thrones Loses Treasured Cast Member

Margaret-John-300x168HBO Watch is saddend to report the death of one of Game of Throne’s cast members.  Margaret John, who played Old Nan passed away this week.  The executive producers of the show issued a statement mourning the loss:

We were deeply saddened to hear about Margaret’s passing,” the statement said. “She was a warm and wonderful person, and she was completely fantastic in her scenes with Isaac. We wish she could see them… but many people will, and they will love her. We will miss her terribly.”

Her voice can be heard on various promotional spots for the show.  Old Nan warns that ‘winter is coming’ to Westeros in a perfectly foreboding voice.  The text of that speech is here.

HBO Watch would like to extend our sincerest regrets to HBO Drama, Game of Thrones and Margaret’s family.  Westeros feels a little colder today.

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