Game of Thrones Latex Sword Review: Ice


Here on HBOWatch we’re prone to reviewing all things HBO. From DVD and Blu-Ray releases of all your favorite series,  to vinyl collectible dolls to almost every episode of major HBO series as it airs. But here’s something a little different. We got our hands on Ice. No, not the real Ice we’re too clumsy for that huge thing. No, we needed a sword made not of Valaryian steel but of something softer… like latex, maybe.

Well actually has such a sword and while, at first, we thought it might have been a little lame. As soon as we 0407161415-169x300started wielding it I knew it was a winner.

Let’s start with the basics. It’s about 57 inches long (that’s huge, guys) and feels massive. It’s light enough that anyone can swing it around with out a problem. My one year old son (pictured below) used it just fine.

That’s probably my favorite part about latex Ice: kids and adults alike can play around and not get hurt. It isn’t a giant knife just waiting for an accident, that needs regular polishing or scares the neighbors. This is something you’ll actually play around with!  Pass it to the kids!

A word of warning: this probably isn’t meant for 1 year old kids. Swung inappropriately, you could maybe, possibly, almost bruise someone. The tip is super soft and wouldn’t kill a fly but we should probably leave this disclaimer here: despite the pictures, this probably isn’t for kids. But in our opinion, the thing is super safe for older folks and okay to be around children. I watched mine closely the entire time and felt it okay, safety-wise.

0407161404_HDR-169x300I won’t drone on with many more details. Feel free to ask anything in the comments below. The handle felt great and the thing is really sturdy. My kid ran it through the dirt and scratched it against some trees and it looks the same, no joke.

The packaging leaves a bit to be desired. There aren’t any leaflets or certificates with this thing. It’s in a plastic bag that says Game of Thrones at the top. There aren’t any markings on the sword itself either. No big deal but just setting expectations for collectors out there. There isn’t a lot that screams Game of Thrones unless you can identify it by sight (which, of course you can!).

It’s a little costly at about $100 but as a gift this would be pretty cool, and something that Game of Thrones fan may never buy for themselves. Here’s our numerical review of several things about the sword:

Packaging/extras: 1/5 (there aren’t any)

Durability: 5/5 (super strong and seemingly scratch resistant)

Kid Friendliness: 5/5 (no worries here but always be careful)

Cool Factor: 5/5 (It’s Ice)

Value for Money: 3/5 (a hundred bucks is a lot for this fun toy)

Game of Thrones season 6 returns April 24th. Will this sword be at your side?

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