Game of Thrones Funko Dolls: Round Two!

When we first reviewed Funko’s vinyl action figures last year the number one question from our readers  was: “Where is my favorite charachter?!”  Of course the first round included the legendary Ned Stark, Tyrion Lannister and The Mother of Dragons but we understand:  your bookshelf or desk just isn’t complete unless you COLLECT THEM ALL!  But this latest round of figurines features even more fan favorites such as Jon Snow as well as Robb and Arya Stark!


Aren’t they adorable?  The toys are made of pliable plastic and are painted with bright colors.  Some of them are more detailed than others though.  For example Jon Snow (see picture below) actually has facial hair and sports Longclaw complete with a white direwolf head on the hilt of the blade. Renly sports his golden antler crown. Ser Jaime is one of my favorites of the bunch with golden Kingsguard armor and a shiny sword to boot. Cersei is perhaps one of the most unique amongst these dolls with flowing golden hair and a full dress fit for a queen.  We actually still have our figures from last year and I can say that Arya looks very similar to Bran while Robb looks somewhat similar to Ned’s toy.  Subtle differences, of course!  But some of your lamer Game of Thrones fan friends may mix them up at first glance.


If you haven’t already picked up the earlier iterations of these dolls you can still do so and at quite the steal! Some of them are less than $10 on Amazon. They look great together (see below) with pairings such as Jon and Dany, Ned and Jaime as well as a White Walker and Arya!

These little guys go on sale May 2nd but you should pre-order them now before you forget! Grab a few and pass them around the office for points with the boss. Or horde them all for yourself and create an epic menagerie of Westeros on your desk. Make characters who’ve never met kiss/fight like never before! Okay we’ll shut up now and leave you with one final shot:


Here are a few helpful links for those wanting to pick one of these up right now:Jon, Jaime, Cersei,  Robb,  Renly and Arya.  Each is under $10 right now but the prices tend to go up after the release date so get your orders in soon.

I’ve already sent these out to our HBO Watch writing team and we will be updating this post with pictures from their adventures from all around the world!  Leave a comment below with your own dolls once you’ve gotten them.

UPDATE:  One of our Game of Thrones writers, Cian was recently sent the Robb Stark doll!  Here he… THE KING IN THE NORTH!



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