Game of Thrones Ep.107 Premieres Early

hbo-go-android-300x167According to a tweet from the official Game of Thrones twitter account, you’ll be able to watch the 7th episode of Game of Thrones immediately following the 6th episode on Sunday, May 22nd.  HBO had long said that it would be possible to see content earlier through it’s new HBOGo program but it wasn’t clear when or how early we’d be able to do so.  It had been speculated that the episode would be available online an evening or two before it would eventually premiere on the network itself but as it turns out, this May 22nd you’ll be able to watch two episodes of Game of Thrones in a row if you’re willing to stay up late on a Sunday night.

So get the kids to bed early and get ready for a double dose of Westeros.  More exclusive, online content will be available soon and HBOWatch will most assuredly let you know when to log on.  Oh, and make sure you’re registered for the HBOGo program well before the show!

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