Game of Thrones’ Dinklage Mislikes Most Fantasy

HBO-Peter-DinklagePlaying the role of Tyrion Lannister was not necessarily a lifelong dream realized by Emmy winning actor, Peter Dinklage.  In a recent interview, Mr Dinklage expressed his general disdain for the way most fantasy properties portray people his size saying,

“I try not to read too much into it, but there’s a bit of a bias, where you’re thought of as a mystical creature, which is a bit absurd.  

“I have a great sense of humor – and a dark sense of humor – about everything, but it is a bit narrow-minded sometimes, where if they have a dwarf character, the shoes have to curl up at the end, he has this inherent wisdom, he isn’t sexual, all of that.

“You look at something like Snow White, and each of the dwarves is just one thing – this one sneezes, this one is angry, this one is tired. And that’s sometimes still true for modern-day stories. But it’s not just for dwarves, that could be the case for anybody, for women, for people of color.

“Right now it’s Middle Eastern people who are all playing terrorists. It’s short-sighted. But life is too short – no pun intended – to be interested in roles that haven’t got any meat to them.”

With his first Emmy already in the bag, Peter is doing much to break the stereotypes he so mislikes by bringing a smart, sexual, imposing figure such as Tyrion Lannister to life.  When I met George RR Martin in Seattle this year one questioner stood up and thanked the author for portraying all types of people in a respectable, realistic light.  The questioner almost cried at the microphone describing the way these novels have made her feel better about herself and her own life.  I’m sure Peter feels some of these same emotions as well (as do we all, George!)

In other Peter Dinklage news the actor has just accepted a role as Fantasy Island sidekick Tattoo in a big-screen biopic of French-born Filipino actor Hervé Villechaize.  Peter, who at 4’5″ has a few inches on the 3’11” Hervé, is excited to utter Tattoo’s trademark line, “The plane! The plane!”

He was an amazing painter and did a lot of charity work with children but had tremendous heartbreak,” says Peter of the actor, who committed suicide in 1993 — almost a decade after being fired from Fantasy Island over a financial dispute.

You can see Peter in action as Game of Thrones Season 2 returns to HBO in April of next year.

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