Game of Thrones Comic-Con Panel Yields Little Information on Season Six

 Game of Thrones once again graced the halls of Comic-Con this year, but crowds who came expecting juicy insights into the upcoming season (remember last year’s casting announcements?) were left disappointed by what was mostly, as they say in Westeros, a mummer’s farce. This year’s panel was composed of several fan-favorite actors (although Kit Harington, whose hair many were hoping to measure with appraising eyes for any inches chopped off, was not in attendance), but surprisingly absent from the roster were the show’s writers, David Benioff and Dan Weis.


The dynamic duo behind all that is the show side of Game of Thrones customarily attend Comic-Con–but perhaps too much heckling about Lady Stoneheart last year scared them away (or maybe they just really didn’t want to field endless questions about Jon Snow’s mortality). Whatever the case, “D&D” were not in attendance this year, but stars like Sophie Turner, Alfie Allen, Maisie Williams, and many more made a good team effort to keep things interesting in the panel. However, despite Gwendoline Christie’s admirable admission to reading the ASOIAF books, and Maisie William’s joyful cry of “oysters, crabs, and cockles!” the panel fell a little flat as actors did little more than rehash scenes from Season Five and HBO provided little in the way of substantive information about upcoming seasons.

The panel did release two amusing videos, a nostalgic reel of casting auditions and a pop-culture mash-up video  which some might feel is such a desperate attempt at keeping rabid fans happy that is is more inducing of cringes than laughs:

While both videos are entertaining, neither are as joyful as last year’s blooper reel, and more importantly neither hint at anything regarding the new season. Fans funneled out of Comic-Con’s Hall H none the wiser on who had been cast as Euron Greyjoy or, of course whether Jon Snow was alive, or dead or somewhere in between. Overall, this year’s panel was disappointingly low on substance and high on low effort attempts at pleasing fans. HBO is intent on keeping us in suspense about Season Six, but with a long wait ahead, a little taste of what to come would have been nice. After all, winter is coming, and April seems so very far away. 


What were your thoughts on this year’s Comic-Con panel? Not even a GoT season 6 premiere date for our schedule! Comment below!

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