Game of Thrones Box Set Breaks Records–Again


Just as Daenerys Targaryan is hailed as the “breaker of chains,” HBO’s award winning television show, “Game of Thrones” is becoming the “breaker of records.” By now, we’re all used to “Game of Thrones” setting new records for piracy, but the show made the news again lately, this time thanks to more legitimate forms of enjoying the series. With the release of it’s Season 4 Box Set, “Game of Thrones” has become the fastest selling television box-set in over ten years.  Grab a copy now for about 35 dragons before it’s too late.

Fans everywhere were anxious, it seems,  to see the fourth season of the fantasy show, which held audiences enthralled last April with it’s tight plot-lines, amazing special effects, and talented actors.  In the past week, over 157,000 copies of the box-set were sold in the UK alone, destroying “Game of Thrones”‘ previous record from it’s Season 3 Box Set by 7,000 copies.  Although this information may seem surprising as more people shift to digital purchases or down-right internet piracy, it is evidence of “Game of Thrones'” enormous fan-base.  While most sales of DVDs are dropping at the moment, “Game of Thrones,” continues to sell in all forms at a high-rate, due, most likely to it’s incredible popularity.

What’s not to love about a well-produced show with a ridiculously engaging story-line ? As if the plot of “Game of Thrones” wasn’t enough, it certainly helps that the new Season 4 DVD set looks beautiful and has some fun and informative extra features to boot. Overall, the Season 4 box-set looks pretty appealing and its no wonder its selling so well. In the weeks that come, fans everywhere will be enjoying the old season, even as they look forward to the new one in April. Who knows? April may bring not only a new season, but new broken records as well.

Have you purchased the Season 4 box-set? What did you think?  You can still get it on Amazon for about $35 if you haven’t already.

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