Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire Nominated for Critic’s Choice Awards

CCawardGame of Thrones has been nominated for a Critic’s Choice award for ‘Best Drama’ alongside another little HBO drama called Boardwalk Empire.  So far this year, Boardwalk Empire has been taking home awards like they were going out of style but the unprecedented fantasy series has generated such a torrent of interest that critics are wondering whether it may just take home a  statue of its own this time around.

Other nominees in the same category include dramatic heavyweights such as Dexter, Mad Men and Friday Night Lights so both HBO programs will likely see a bit of competition for the award.  Interestingly enough, HBO’s Treme didn’t make the cut this year to many a critic’s wonderment.  Check out the full list of nominees for best drama as well as nominations for the other categories here.

HBOWatch (courtesy of our friends over at Reddit) would like to get out ahead of the forthcoming Emmy nominations this year with the following submission:


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