Game of Thrones Artist Showcase: Mariana Moreno’s Animated House Portraits

Here at HBO Watch we enjoy shining the spotlight on the myriad incredible artists who are inspired by George RR Martin’s world of Westeros.  Today we’ll meet Mariana Moreno whose work you may have already seen floating around Reddit, Facebook or other social networks.  Have you seen this one yet?:


Pretty clever, right?!  We loved it so much we shared it on Facebook and Twitter ourselves to much acclaim.  Well Mariana has put her talents to work AGAIN and come up with THREE MORE AMAZING PIECES for the HBO Watch audience.   These have NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE.  Mariana was kind enough to reach out to us and offer HBO Watch first glance.  Here they are in all their wonderful glory:




Like what you see?  Check out some of Mariana’s other work at the following locations:
and at be sure to like her Facebook Page for all the latest from this amazing artist.  

Want to know more about Mariana?  Here’s a bit of a bio from the artist herself:

When I was 15 years old, I met Will Eisner Award winner Oscar Gonzalez Loyo, current editor in chief at ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio S.A. de C.V. He and his team of script writers and artists, commonly known as “the Ka-boomers” in Mexico, had worked for both national and international companies (Bongo Comics – The Simpsons / Right Stuff – Astroboy, Kimba, Gigantor/ Sesame Street/ DC – Looney Tunes / Now Comics – Speed Racer/ etc.)

Here in Mexico, there are few places where you can study comic art professionally, so I decided to join Oscar’s team and become his and his team’s apprentice.

Since then, I’ve worked for 10 years along with the rest of the team on several national and international projects for different companies and became one of ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio’s associates. Some examples of the projects I’ve participated in are the following:

Coqueta & Audaz – Footwear company for which I did character designs for their publicity mascots.

Bubble Gummers – Footwear company for which I did pencils for two comic book issues. (Script: Susy Romero/Inks: Alejandro Palomares/Color: Tonatiuh Rocha)

Brazil’s Bienal – Art for mural paintings.

Reader’s Digest – Celebrities’ cartoons and illustrations for the Mexican printed edition.

Uncle Pepe’s Farm – Educational theme park for which I did character designs for their publicity mascots.

Coca-Cola, The Happiness Factory – Pencils for the comic book adaptation from the animated publicity short. (Addaptation and script: Susy Romero/Inks: Alejandro Palomares/Color: Tontaiuh Rocha)

Balam, The Mayan Prince – Former Disney animator Fernando Ruiz’s feature film for which I’m developing the storyboard along with artists Oscar Gonzalez Loyo, Horacio Sandoval and Alejandro Palomares.

Eloria, The Valley of Dreams – Comic books for altruistic association Dr. Sonrisas (Dr. Smiles) for which I did the pencils and character designs for their mascots. (Concept and Script: Rebeca Soriano/Inks: Alejandro Palomares/Color: Tonatiuh Rocha).

Besides doing this kind of works for clients, I publish my own weekly comic strips named Mayi at the Square Chronikles site (, and I develop concept art as well for comic book projects of my authorship and other script writer’s collabs.

Thanks again, Mariana.  Please leave her a comment below if you’ve enjoyed her work.  And, as always be sure to cite one of her sources and/or this article if you’re sharing these images.  We can’t wait to see more from her!


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