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In March of 2013, I had the pleasure of writing an article about Game of Thrones Fans who create beautiful fan art that is inspired by the Game of Thrones series on HBO and the A Song of Ice and Fire series of books. While researching that article I met Ylenia Manganelli, a model, cosplayer, costume designer and artist from Tuscany. The costumes, banners and collectibles that Ylenia created were incredibly accurate replicas of the costumes that we see on HBO’s Game of Thrones. A long time A Song of Ice and Fire fan, with a special place in her heart for Cersei Lannister, Ylenia sells her creations through her shop, Princess & Dragon.

In 2010, Ylenia began to recruit other Game of Thrones fans who wanted to truly become their favorite character from the series. Ylenia founded the first Italian group with a themed approach to the world of cosplay, reenactments and events dedicated to the World of Westeros which was, of course, created by the famous writer George R.R. Martin in his series of novels, A Song of Ice and Fire. The current Council of the Game of Thrones Cosplay Association are Ylenia Manganelli, Maria Josè Di Salvo, Elisa Manfrè, Claudio Costantini, Federica Antonelli, Diana Consoli and Martina Severi Rosati.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, the word “cosplay” refers to the practice of “costume play,” in which players wear costumes which represent a fictional character. Costumes run the gamut from the fairly simple, to the incredibly complex, some even include elaborate replica jewelry, props or weapons. Participants play as characters from many different genres, including, but not limited to, literature, movies, TV, comics, anime, manga, and video games. Thanks to the internet and social media, many cosplayers are connecting to create forums, websites and online groups.


I recently spoke to some of the members of  the Game of Thrones Cosplay Association and this is what they had to say:

“Our group meets more or less once a month. More times when we have to work on our scenography. We start now to try to organize some events, but usually we attend cons. The bigger part of our members are in Tuscany. Actually we try to “invade” the whole country! A good number of us came from the north and a good number are located from Rome to Sicily. A lot of us create our own costumes and props. We have a lot of people with a lot of skills, and we are always happy to give and hand each other.”

Cosplayers will sometimes come together to create organized groups to represent certain fandoms, but I’ve seen few as impressive as the Itailan Game of Thrones Cosplay Association. Check out their amazing photos in our gallery and make sure to visit them at the links below.


 Game of Thrones Cosplay Association’s Links to Explore – Check them out and follow them!

FB official page






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