Frances McDormand Talks About HBO’s OLIVE KITTERIDGE Miniseries

Kittridge_FrancesThough there has not been a ton of excitement for the OLIVE KITTRIDGE miniseries (or is it a limited series?) its air date is fast approaching. One of its leads, Frances McDormand (seen here offstage in costume) of Fargo fame, has spoken up recently about it.

At a recent TCA panel she stated –

 “A 90-minute time frame is not long enough to tell a good female story. That’s why long-form storytelling has become so great.”

Yeah, and with Hollywood not utilizing older actress to their fullest TV is where they end up. A four-hour entertainment like this is a great way to showcase neglected talents like McDormand’s.

We will get to see the novel brought to life when it airs in November. HBOWatch first reported on the project back in a Development Slate on 06.13.13 and offered a Press Release regarding the production in March of this year. There were two or three quips on casting news along the way as well.

To USA TODAY McDormand talked about the plot and the title character. Here is a snippet from that article.

Olive_KittridgeShe identifies with Olive, who hides a warm heart behind a caustic wit and struggles with depression. But she is not Olive. “I will never shoot myself in the head…I’m not a depressive, but I do have mood swings.”

 Still, McDormand says, Olive is not just about depression. “It’s about a marriage, and how a marriage survives depression…and how a small town survives it.” And, she says, it’s about a woman who might have been invisible, and makes sure she isn’t.”

Look for the HBO Miniseries: OLIVE KITTRIDGE coming this Fall.


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