First Teaser Trailer for GIRLS Season 3

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the set of HBO’s Girls. Last we heard there was a bit of trouble on the set but this trailer at least lets us know that the show must go on, of course!

Prepare your millennial, 90’s grown body for the ultimate tease:

Well it wasn’t much but at least we’re given a YEAR as a premiere date. We anticipate Q1 or early Q2 for the new season just as the last two have been so you won’t have to wait too long in 2014.

The trailer also revealed a new “in production” page that seems to be up tonight. Right now there are some interesting photos from the set so give that a look from time to time as well.


Felicity Jones and a familiar face from Boardwalk Empire will be joining the cast this year.

When we have more info on Girls season 3 we’ll relay that as always.


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