First Look At Game of Thrones Season 5 From the Red Carpet Premiere


Warning! Season Five Episode 1 Spoilers 

With just twenty-four days to go until the general public gets to see the first episode of Game of Thrones, a few lucky fans, a host of Game of Thrones actors, and a multitude of press agents gathered together in the Tower of London to watch the Season Five in style. While many enjoyed seeing their favorite GoT actors dressed to the nines, the real excitement of the day came when the reviews of the screened episode began to roll in on various news-sites. While most articles chose to be light on spoilers, like Forbes magazine which delicately praised the episode without hinting much at the plot, or The Guardian  which was highly complimentary but obtuse, fans who aren’t afraid of spoilers will be pleased to read The Telegraph’s article  which satisfactorily covers all the plot-points of the first episode. The article confirms a lot of what fans have already speculated given glimpses from the trailers and hints thrown out by the writers of the show over the past year. We will get to see the much anticipated Cersei flashback and the Sons of the Harpy take a center stage in Daenerys’ plotline. Other happenings of interest in the episode seem to be Tywin’s funeral, Tyrion’s beginning of a new adventure in Essos, and most shockingly, perhaps to those who have not read the books, Mance Rayder’s death.

All in all, it looks like the episode will be a slow burn (no offense to Mance) that builds up to greater events that will take place later in the episode. Nonetheless, it looks to have enough plot to keep the audience on its toes and still gracefully ease them back into a world they haven’t been in for a year.

Are you excited for Season Five to begin? What are you most excited to see in Episode One?  April 12th is coming.

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