First Full Westworld Season One Trailer


You’ve heard the show synopsis, and some lucky insiders have actually seen full clips from HBO’s Westorld. But today, during the True Detective finale, HBO went one step further and previewed the series to the masses in the first full trailer for the show. I could bloviate but you’re here for the goods. Here is the first trailer for HBO’s Westword:



Could this series dethrone Game of Thrones as the biggest, riskiest, most engaging series on HBO?

The show was originally set for 2015, HBO even promised us as much in a teaser released earlier this year. But the show has since been pushed to 2016, no word on when but we’re hoping for sooner rather than later. We don’t want to have to wait until next summer for Westworld to premiere.

Stay tuned, folks because Westworld is coming eventually.

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14 thoughts on “First Full Westworld Season One Trailer”

  1. I been thinking about this and my schedule doesn’t figure out to be any different from what you have been saying here.

    But, I am trying to curb my opinion because I find we put awful high demands on and aspirations for HBO. We always want it to be doing top quality and want it to continue to get the highest nominations tally, etc. But it is unfair for us to expect that standard constantly.

    HBO has such shortened seasons and quick turnaround because it invests so much quality and money into each. Name any network out there, broadcast, cable or streaming that has more than one or two huge hits. None of them so why expect that HBO should hit one out of the park every time? It gets harder and harder for any of them to do it. HBO’s right now happens to be GAME OF THRONES.

    Do we worry about it? Do we hope for that next big hit? You betcha, but it is not so easy to come up with one. I have to agree with the comment below that whatever comes forth, it is going to be intriguing Let’s all hang out together and find out .

    1. This is all true, Jef. Good points. I think I start to worry about HBO when they don’t have a major hit drama for 6 months because in this fast paced TV world with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others betting big on TV. Speed can kill.

      If it ends up just being the latter half of 2015 that was slow we’ll all probably forget about it by as soon as that fuzzy HBO sound crackles into our living rooms in January. But for now it worries me that so many new HBO Now subscribers are thinking: Ill just wait til Game of Thrones next year instead of “I cant unsubscribe now.. such and such show is coming!” when Westworld looks like Summer 2016, in reality.

      Hopefully Vinyl is the next Mad Men. That would make up for it :)

      Ultra-high standards, yes! But it’s the only thing that makes 15$ per month worth it. Cant have 5 of those months in a row be disappointing to so many people. You and I know who David Simon is but we’re the minority. September is.. 70% dead air? And I have hopes for The Leftovers this year but right now it’s far from being declared “a major drama flagship” for HBO.

      We’ll ride this out through January, of course but I do worry! High standards or not, it’s a really competitive game out there in TV land these days. HBO has to be on the top of theirs.

  2. It has piqued my interest. It seems that in this trailer the technicians are screening a robot to see if it has independent thought outside of its programming. Cool.

    1. I think you’re right, that is whats happening.
      Yall on this page give attention for the details, the vulture article for the trailer was a cringe to read to me!

      One question for the HBOwatch community:
      We all probably can expect one drama airing with Girls & Togetherness in January, the other in June..
      Would you prefer Vinyl or Westworld in January and why?

      1. This is a HUGE question for HBO.
        I feel like– starting now we’re going to have 5 months of weak programming from HBO. The Leftovers is the only mediumish series coming before January. That’s not so great. Westworld was supposed to be here this fall.

        Unfortunately I think Westworld is going to be Summer 2016 because there isn’t anything else coming (True Detective Season 3 will probably be Fall 2016 is we’re lucky enough to get one).

        Vinyl in January
        Westworld in June

        1. Just had a thought and looked at a calendar…
          They COULD push back Game of Thrones/Veep into May and then do both of these shows in the Winter from Jan to May (10 weeks)

          1. I think the first parts of the year can be pretty accurately detailed, as I think it’s unlikely Westworld will be ready in January. So for their first programming block we’ll have Vinyl, Girls, and Togetherness. Following that, it’s Game of Thrones, Veep, and Silicon Valley.

            After that point, things become a lot less certain. I think Westworld is a safe bet to follow-up after Game of Thrones, and it will likely be paired with Ballers and The Brink.

            That leaves Vice Principles, Animals, Codes of Conduct, Crime, Lewis & Clarke, Divorce, Brothers in Atlanta, The Leftovers, and True Detective up in the air (assuming they all air in 2016). And I’m sure there are a few programs I’m forgetting about.

            My gut tells me that HBO may air original scripted programming on two nights a week for some of their time slots next year, or they’ll air certain programs at 8:00 P.M. to fit everything in.

            In any case, next year is going to be a great one for the network.

          2. Hey, Bruno, good point. I think a number of limited series will surface. Weds lists a few below in his comment.

        2. Good points, although ‘Show me a Hero’ is a huge thing for me..

          Right now, HBO has to see the mistake they did by pushing TheKnick to Cinemax..
          However, I’m on Alan Sepinwalls side and liked Leftovers First season.

          Leftovers/Comeback/GettingOn is Oct/Nov/Dec or what was it with GettingOns final episodes?

          1. Yeah me too (and I know Jef as well) but it doesn’t make people SUBSCRIBE to HBO or keep their subscription going, ya know? It’s not Boardwalk Empire or True Blood in that sense. Need a flagship series to carry us from August to January and there just isn’t one unless The Leftovers (which I also liked) becomes a cult hit somehow.

        3. I also think that HBO doesn’t like the idea of broadcasting Westworld in winter, just like Fargo is not for summers.

          In Vinyl, you will see A LOT of snow! ;)

      2. We have been waiting a long time for VINYL. It deserves to lead off the year I think.

        HBO, I believe, is going to enjoy teasing and taunting us with WESTWORLD until it is ready to be revealed later in the year. At least, that is what it should do to build up excitement for the series.

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