First Full Trailer for HBO’s True Detective


It’s a big night for HBO.  The fall television season is ramping up and the Home Box Office is no slouch on the couch.  You’ve got the Boardwalk Empire season 4 premiere, the Newsroom season 2 finale, part one and now a trailer for the new series coming this January: True Detective.  Any HBO subscriber should be feeling pretty great about their monthly dues with the established shows and now this sure-to-be-incredible series.  

Here’s the trailer that aired tonight:

Can you wait until January?  Hopefully Nucky and the gang can keep you company until then.  We’ll get you an exact premiere date when we get the official go-ahead but we’re looking at either the 5th, 12th, 19th or 26th of January here so plan your lives accordingly!

Are you excited about seeing HBO getting back into the crime game once again? I wouldn’t want to jinx it or offend anyone out there by comparing this to The Wire but… well… there it is.  

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