First Full Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Trailer

Boardwalk Empire is jumping into the 30’s this year but it’s also jumping out of our lives as well. From the looks of this trailer Lucky Luciano is going to take center stage and that’s okay by us. We can’t wait to see what this actor does with his role as he’s been more of a background character thus far in the series.

Here’s the first full trailer for Boardwalk Empire season 5:

What do you think about Boardwalk leaving us? Will there be another series able to fill that void in your life? Five seasons is a great run by most measures so the series is by no means being “cancelled”. In fact the creators of this series are moving on to a new one for HBO which will most likely premiere on HBO next year.

Check out this look on Nucky’s face. Do you think he’ll make it out alive? How about free from jail time? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts:


The premiere date for Boardwalk Empire season 5 is set in stone: September 7th, 2014. Be here.

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