First Episode of VICE Available Free to Everyone

Are you one of the millions of fans out there who wanted to watch HBO’s new series: VICE but don’t have an HBO subscription?  Well today is your day because the Home Box Office has released the series premiere on both YouTube and the official HBO site:

Here at HBOWatch, we’re very intrigued by VICE and our first review left us feeling as though our face had been punched in (in a good way).  If you haven’t already, give this episode a watch and expect more of the same from episodes to come:

If that’s not working for you try the YouTube version here. The free episode will most likely only be live for a few weeks so if you’re reading this in the future the videos may no longer be available. The same was done for the series premiere of Girls, The Newsroom and Game of Thrones.

What did you think of the first episode? Read our review and punch us in the face.

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