“ESME & ROY” Makes its Debut on HBO


Here is all you need to know about the new children series coming to HBO from Sesame Workshop. It debuted on SATURDAY, AUGUST 18 at 9:30am.

HBO states –

Welcome to the world of ESME & ROY, where playtime is the best time! Following a dynamic pair of monster babysitters – a young girl, Esme, and her monster best friend, Roy – this creative show invites children into a richly textured world of monster fun.

In each episode, Monster Sitters Esme & Roy harness the power of play to help solve their little charges’ monster-sized problems. The countless silly situations the friends get into along the way will have kids laughing as they learn. The duo live in bustling Monsterdale, where the colorful streets are always buzzing with monsters of all shapes and sizes. Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that homes in Monsterdale reflect the monsters who live in them: flying monsters live in homes like Victorian birdcages, while aquatic monsters live in houses shaped like giant fishbowls. A little house in Esme’s backyard serves as Monster Sitters’ HQ, complete with a comfy chair for Roy and a habitat for his monster pet, Dumpling.

Good feelings abound in Monsterdale, but Esme & Roy also shows real feelings: when little monsters face relatable challenges, like losing a favorite toy or getting scared of a thunderstorm, Monster Sitters Esme & Roy use mindfulness strategies – and a little imagination! – to help them regulate big feelings and proceed with calm confidence. The respect and friendship between the unlikely duo of Monster Sitters – and their affection for the little monsters in their neighborhood – is at the heart of Esme & Roy and sure to delight little viewers while they learn!

Curriculum: Children will look up to their new favorite monster-sitters as positive role models, learning how to manage strong emotions with simple practices alongside Esme & Roy’s charges.

Learning Through Play – Esme & Roy’s primary education goal is to model how children learn best through play, fostering a range of play patterns using everyday objects to extend learning across content areas.

Mindfulness – The secondary education goal of Esme & Roy is to model strategies to help children manage their emotions. When the little monsters experience big feelings like worry, frustration, or fear, the Monster Sitters use an array of calm-down strategies to help them regulate their emotions so they are ready for playtime.


Meet the Characters: Esme – “We’ve got a monster to watch!” Esme has never met a monster she didn’t like – big, small, furry, slimy… She is an amazing monstersitter and has a knack for coming up with the perfect activity to fix a little monster’s problem. She’s not afraid to try new things, and while she sometimes gets carried away, she doesn’t give up until she succeeds! Esme loves to play, especially if the games are active and silly. She’s kind and nurturing, and monsters (especially her best friend Roy) are her favorite thing in the world.

Roy – Roy is Esme’s best friend and monstersitting partner. He is an expert on ALL monster facts. Roy may be big and strong, but he’s also very emotional and sometimes needs Esme’s help to calm down. That’s what makes them such a great pair! Esme can get carried away but Roy keeps her focused, and when Roy starts to feel panic Esme is there to encourage him. Roy’s favorite things are his best pal Esme, dressing up and playing pretend, dancing, and meatballs.

Tillie – Three-year-old Tillie is super active with a serious need for speed! She is very physical and likes her games to be rough and tumble. Tillie is a Plink monster, which means she’s very fast and excitable! It also means when she gets dirty, she becomes very stinky. When Tillie has a monster meltdown, she spins round and round like a whirling dervish. Simon – Simon is an eight-year-old Swoozle monster. He has six arms and a bouncy, super-stretchy body. Simon loves regimen, routine, and order. He can appear standoffish at first, but once he’s comfortable he warms right up. He loves art and is a very talented sculptor. When Simon has a monster meltdown, his glasses fill up with water and he cries giant tears, or he stubbornly crosses all six arms and squats down. Snugs –Three-year-old Snugs loves to hug, cuddle, and snuggle. He can be shy in new situations and sometimes lets his fear get the best of him. Snugs is a Muzzywump monster. He’s round and EsmeRoy_friends-300x222squeezable and gives big, clingy hugs, but puffs up to an enormous size when he’s scared. When Snugs has a monster meltdown, he puffs up or cries huge arcs of tears… or sometimes both! Hugo – Hugo is a four-year-old Ooga monster. He has wings and a horned nose, and he wants to be the center of attention. He loves to be the star of the show and can make a spotlight appear by clapping! Hugo loves to use his imagination and play pretend, and he’s also a talented musician. When Hugo has a monster meltdown, he flies wildly around the room, tooting his horn nose! Fig – Fig is Hugo’s baby sister and the youngest monster on the block. She’s small in stature, but incredibly strong and can lift Roy clear off the ground! Like her brother, Fig is an Ooga monster with a horn nose, and she’s very bouncy. When Fig has a monster meltdown, she bounces all around the room and toots her horn nose. Dumpling – Dumpling is Roy’s monster pet! A monster-y version of a guinea pig, she’s small and fluffy and can roll herself into a ball. Dumpling doesn’t speak any words, but has no problem expressing herself with her monster-y squeaks. She often joins Esme and Roy on their monstersitting adventures!

–Episode #1 Debut date:
SATURDAY, AUGUST 18 (9:30-10:00 am ET/PT)

“Monster Trucks!”: Esme and Roy are having a blast watching the car-loving monster Tillie, but when bath time rolls around, Tillie refuses to hop in the tub!

“Lunch Crunch”: When the house pet gobbles up Simon Swoozle’s favorite sandwich, Esme and Roy must show Simon the art of trying new foods.

–Episode #2
Debut date: SATURDAY, AUGUST 25 (9:30-10:00am)

“Dark and Stormy Knight”: A storm is coming, and Esme and Roy are watching the huggable monster Snugs, but Snugs is scared of the thunderstorms!

“Two Can Play at That Game”: Frank and Franny, the Bleederblop twins, are eager to play, but want to play different games. How can Esme and Roy help them have fun together?

And there you go! If you got a little one check out ESME & ROY Saturday mornings. It will also be available on HBO NOW, HBO GO and HBO On Demand.  

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