Eight Episode Season of PROJECT GREENLIGHT Starts 09.13.15



The PROJECT GREENLIGHT program returns to HBO after a hiatus of a few years. Its last installment, its third, was in 2005. We told you back in November ‘14 that the series found it finalists and in June we reported they locked in a premiere date.  Now Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and company are ready to present all the results when Season 5 debuts on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 at 10:00pm. Below is what we know about a few of the episodes as was reported in our monthly look.

Episode #26 (season 4, episode 1) Debut date: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 at 10:00pm. Narrowed down from thousands of submissions, 13 finalists arrive in Los Angeles to meet with the PROJECT GREENLIGHT judges: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, executive Jennifer Todd, producer Marc Joubert, producer Effie Brown, HBO’s Len Amato and the Farrelly brothers. As the judges discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each contestant’s final project, they also debate the importance of artistic vision versus the collaborative skills required to be a successful director, all leading up to a red-carpet event, where the winner is announced. Other HBO air datGreenlight_DAes: 09.13 at 11:30pm, & 2:30am; 09.14 at 2:35am; 09.15 at 4:45pm; 09.17 at 8:30pm and 09.19 at 12:10am.


Episode #27 (season 4, episode 2) Debut date: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 at 10:00pm. With two months until production begins, Effie, Marc and Len try to convince Jason that digital is the only way to keep the project on schedule and within budget. Meanwhile, instead of moving forward with the original PROJECT GREENLIGHT script, the winner pitches his own script: a dark comedy titled “The Leisure Class.” Other HBO dates: 09.20 at 11:30pm & 1:30am;, 09.21 at 3:00am; 09.22 at 5:30pm;  09.24 at 8:30pm and 26 at 1:45am.


Episode #28 (season 4, episode 3) Debut date: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 at 10:00pm. After filling key production-staff roles, Effie brings in the location manager to choose LA-area mansions, but Jason thinks none of them match his creative vision. Meanwhile, the production team begins casting the lead roles, and Pete Farrelly and Effie butt heads about Jason’s continued resistance to shooting digitally. Other HBO air dates: 09.27 at 11:30pm & 2:30am; 09.28 at 1:20am and 09.29 at 5:45pm and into October.

There have been, I don’t literally know, a dozen or so clips popping up from time to time about the newest season. We are not in the habit of running every clip that comes along for a show, especially if we don’t have enough text to pad out a full post. We will offer up two of them here now to help kick off the season’s debut.. If you enjoy or are inquisitive of the filmmaking process then watch PROJECT GREENLIGHT. 


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