Eddie Murphy to play DC Mayor in HBO Biopic

Eddie-Murphy-Spike-Lee-HBO-Bio-300x210Since his plans to host the Oscars came to an abrupt halt, Eddie Murphy must have been looking for new projects to work on.  Thankfully the actor/comedian has accepted a role to play Washington DC Mayor, Marion Barry, the “mayor for life” of Washington D.C. who was memorably arrested for crack cocaine possession in 1990 but still was re-elected as mayor in 1994.  Barry still serves on the DC city council today.

Director Spike Lee plans to take charge of the new project so you know there will be a lot of buzz around the film.  It is unclear whether or not HBO will shoot for a theatrical release or simply air the movie on HBO but we’re betting on the latter.  Filming has yet to begin so a 2012 release date looks unlikely.  We’ll keep you updated with the latest news on the Eddie Murphy HBO biopic as we get it!

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