Duplass Brothers Return To HBO with ROOM 104

People_DuplassBrothers-300x169Not everyone is keen on the style of Jay and Mark Duplass or TOGETHERNESS would still be on HBO. But HBO likes them enough to give them another series on the network. This time around it is an anthology series entitled ROOM 104 and will be a comedy added likely in 2017. HBO’s Casey Bloys, president of programming, stated –

 “Jay and Mark Duplass are two of the most inventive talents in TV today.We’re excited to see what they do with this unique concept.”

The series will follow the varied combinations of people who check in and out of Room 104 in an average American hotel in some undisclosed city. Each episode then offers a different set of circumstances about the human condition though seemingly offering a comedic slant to what takes place. Whether or not this is done via stunt casting of roles or just due to the absurdities of life is unclear at this time.

Say the brothers, “We’ve all seen stories set in seedy motels and high-class international resorts, but for years we’ve been fascinated by the funny, weird, sad, scary, absurd things going down in that corporate chain hotel near the airport. That’s what Room 104 is after… finding some magic in the seemingly mundane.” The guys will serve as executive producers and showrunners. If any one of the two of them appears on camera they could each take a turn as a character in an episode or perhaps one of them could be the hotel manager in a recurring role. Duplass Productions also runs the animated ANIMALS., which will return in 2017.

The anthology structure has been popular of late and using a hotel room to facilitate that style is not unheard of at all. In fact, HBO aired an experimental cinematic foray like it with David Lynch’s HOTEL ROOM back in 1993. Time will tell if Jay and Mark hit the mark with this format when ROOM 104 comes to HBO. Stay tuned.


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