Dublin Model Who Quit Game of Thrones Over Sex Scene: “I messed up”

Lisa-Nolan-GameofThrones-Model-Sex-Scene1Months ago we reported the story of an Irish model who gave up her chance to be part of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire universe over a potentially sexy scene.  Lisa Nolan insisted she was promised ‘no nudity’ when she signed her contract with the show but that as soon as she arrived on set of HBO’s Game of Thrones she was asked to remove her clothing.

Speaking this week with the Dublin newspaper The Herald, Ms Nolan had more to say on the situation:

“I got some criticism from the industry and they did lay into me. A friend of mine told me that there have been blogs and online sites giving out and people as far as New Zealand have been talking about it. It spread abroad and some of it was very negative,” revealed the 21-year-old model.

“But it was my first experience and I didn’t know any better. I really was not comfortable when I found out what exactly would happen in the scene and I’ve had a lot of support from family and friends with my decision.  I just want to move on from that, I’ve left it in the past,” Lisa said.

The major criticism this blogger and many Game of Thrones fans around the internet had with Lisa’s situation was the fact that she apparently hadn’t seen the show, read the novels or clearly understood what in the world she was doing.   Most ASoIaF would give up their sword hand to be enshrined in the Game of Thrones universe.  To that Lisa now admits:

“I messed up, it was my fault not knowing what exactly the scenes involved — but at least I’ve a clean sheet, I don’t think some people would want to hire me if I had done that — I didn’t want a raunchy sex scene to affect my image or career going forward.”

The model previously didn’t reveal her thought process after walking off the set of Game of Thrones but she’s now saying: “Ireland is very judgmental towards nudity. Countries across Europe are definitely more open to nakedness.”  She added “My granny wouldn’t be a happy bunny at all, she’s too religious and old school.  You have to stick to your morals and by your own standards,” said Lisa, who has decided to focus on her modelling career.

Rest assured HBO has found willing models, actors and actresses who are familiar with Mr. Martin’s universe (and HBO in general) so there will be plenty of sex scenes to go around in Game of Thrones season two when it premieres this spring.

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