Dolores’ Dad, Louis Herthum Becomes Regular on WESTWORLD S2


Keep doling out the WESTWORLD tidbits, we’ll take them; here’s another one. After Talulah Riley’s upgrade comes veteran character actor Louis Herthum’s turn. You recognize him as Peter Abernathy, Dolores’ father. If you recall his scenario showed him resting on the porch as Dolores looked out across the range and contemplated on what scenario she’d play out that day. Peter’s goal seemed to be more oriented towards seeing her return at the end of each day and keeping her safe because she is a Host that seems to interact with Guests quite often. He is good in his role until, you know, he glitches.

Hey, that’s right. He is one of the first to glitch and the result of that is Cold Storage. He saw that modern picture, remember?He had corrupted files and his previous builds melded or something like that and into storage he went. That all transpired in the first episode “The Original.” All other scenes with Peter Abernathy are flashbacks to earlier years when he was a healthier construct. So that begs the question of just how will Herthum appear in Season Two?

Season Two could have enough flashbacks that still show us Peter & daughter and the different scenarios that play out for them. Or, in real time, we could find the construct reprogrammed to serve a totally different function. Most news items list that Louis Herthum as Abernathy will return, but that is not necessarily true. Mr. Herthum returns but the Host he portrays could be repurposed as anyone. And just who digs him out of cold storage anyway? Does Maeve & Bernard bring the stored Hosts, including Abernathy back online to join their army?

Indeed, questions to ponder and we have all of 2017 to do it. Just what function will the actor’s character serve in Season Two? Remember, he promised REVENGENCE! 

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