Divorce Season One Finale: “Detente”

Last week on Divorce, Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) got a more cutthroat lawyer who wasted no time busting Robert’s (Thomas Haden Church) balls. Nick (Tracy Letts) and Diane (Molly Shannon) threw another party that went about as well at their first one. Sans gunfire this time at least.

This week is the season finale and it starts with Robert continuing trying to get Funspace USA off the ground. Nick is finally behind him and trying to help Robert get the ball moving. But with Frances’ new killer attorney taking the ropes, any assets  Robert had access to are now kaput.

In Robert’s busyness with the business and Frances preoccupied with her new lawyer, Tom (Charlie Kilgore) and Lila (Sterling Jerins) get forgotten at school aDivorce_Detente-300x209fter Tom thinks he is supposed to wait for a ride when really he was supposed to ride the bus. They begin walking home, but soon Lila is lagging behind and doesn’t want to keep walking. A quick moment of not paying attention and Lila is hit by a car starting to back up. While she’s okay, the parents get a whole new perspective.

Frances successfully opens her gallery and has a few surprise guests. Julien (Jemaine Clement) stops by I am guessing to tell her how he feels, though he really only admits to Googling her every night. So, true love?  And if that laugh worthy visit wasn’t enough, Robert comes and sees what Frances was able to make for herself…by herself. At first, he seems to be happy for her. He seems to have realized what a hold up he was for her and her success.  They even share a hasty kiss. But the bliss is to be short lived. When Frances wants to switch weekends to take the kids skiing, Robert quickly agrees. But in his loneliness and grumpy manner of failure, Robert calls the cops and reports Frances for kidnapping. And if Frances’ reaction is any indication next season is going to be hate fueled.

One interesting side story is Diane at the supermarket. While she’s stocking up on coconut water and cases of beer, a young boy walks up to her and asks for help finding his mom. He states that Diane looks like his mom and after a little bit of walking around, the two find his mom who does look like Diane or, at least, the curvy and tired of taking care of a kid edition. Diane comes to the realization that the tired, haggard woman is not who she wants to be. She enjoys drinking too much and doing what she wants. Oh, here just take a look yourself. It is a good moment. 

Now we must postulate on what could happen next season.  With the involvement of the police, the ferocity of Frances and Robert’s interactions are about to go up a notch. If this is only a taste, then the nastiness level will be off the charts. Diane and Nick seemed to be doing better, but with last week’s party and this week’s tense interaction at the gallery means this couple could be heading for rocks again. Dallas (Talia Balsam) has had a troubled relationship with her son, so will next season find their relationship shifting? And we can’t forget about the kiddos! What will happen with Tom and Lila? Could behavioral problems be in their future? Not only is adolescence troubling in its own right, but dealing with a nasty parental divorce is plenty more stress. For now, we shall have to wait and see.


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