Divorce: “Church”

Last week on Divorce, Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Robert (Thomas Haden Church) continued with divorce proceedings, represented by Jeffrey DeMunn and Dean Winters. Frances learned that the couple is essentially broke as Robert has continuously sunk money into real estate properties to flip but has only flopped. Robert was determined to bounce back, not only financially but from Frances’ infidelity. He has a sexual experience of his own, though not entirely satisfying.

This week Frances begins as a prospect for job hunting executives for a position with Sotheby’s. With quick thinking, she asks for her own name to be considered as she has contacts within the art and business world, as well as a passion for art. The bosses consider it a good idea and make her an offer.  But Dallas (Talia Balsam) is quick to remind Frances that the divorce isn’t final yet and half of what she makes will go to Robert. Frances tries to negotiate a “trial period” where she would work for free with a bonus when her divorce is finalized. Ahhh, that’s too messy for the executives. So, Frances ditches the job offer, and the Sotheby’s executives ditch her services.

Meanwhile, Robert appears to be almost chipper. He is spending lots of time with the kids, even buying them a pet snake. He is going to church and seems to have found a community, though shoots himself in the foot by saying too much while in the presence of God.

His behavior is certainly erratic, and he even attends one of Julien’s (Jemaine Clement) classes to harass him. Robert confronts him after and gives him a gun, telling him he knows what the right thing to do is.  Not only erratic, he’s behaving downright crazy. When he arrives back at the house he’s staying in we see him shoot up with testosterone. Ahhh, an explanation.

Diane (Molly Shannon) and Nick (Tracy Letts) have been on a good streak since his heart attack. Diane is doting on him and they seem to be in a good place. So much so that Nick comments on Diane’s natural mothering ability and how they should adopt. This stops Diane in her tracks, as you suspects she probably prefers being pampered and taken care of more than doing the same to a small child. And Dallas has her own children issues as it appears her son’s girlfriend is practically living there. Not only does she not appreciate having this girl around, she certainly does not like her attitude regarding walking around like she owns the place.

Along with other HBO hits Insecure and Westworld, Divorce has already garnered a second season.  But with two more episodes to go yet this season, we have a little more to hold onto before it breaks. In the coming episode, it appears there will be a challenge concerning Frances and her parenting skills. As her lawyer comments, courts usually favor mothers when it comes to divorce and custody battles. But if Frances doesn’t appear to be doing her part for the kids, it could be more difficult for her to get custody. One point on her side though is that she is far more financially secure than Robert, who regards money very differently. She has the steady income to support kids, while Robert is far less secure with his risky investment deals. Custody Battle Royale?  Yes, please and we will be front and center for it next week. Check back. 

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