Divorce: “Another Party”

Last week on Divorce, Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) saw a job opportunity come and go when she couldn’t keep her divorce under control. Robert (Thomas Haden Church) was behaving erratically and being beyond affectionate with his kids. Of course, we find out he’s been taking his lawyer’s advice and juicing with testosterone. Probably not super healthy, but whatever he’s got to do to survive, right?  Which means going to church too, I guess.

This week, Frances and Robert go head to head with their lawyers regarding taking care of the kids. What seems so appealing in Robert and his attention to the children is really the fact that he does everything because he barely works and Frances can’t do all their appointments because she does work. Quite a few doctors and dentists do not schedule patients on the weekend.  It looks like Frances isn’t involved in the kids’ lives, which isn’t true.  But appearance is everything.Divorce_Episode9-300x200

Frances makes an attempt to get more involved and finds herself on a committee to plan a festival. Of course, nothing in life is simple, because who else should serve on this committee but the mommy dearest that Robert hooked up with? Nothing in life is simple. Though Frances does her best to rise above it, to which we see a truly amazingly awkward scene.

Meanwhile, Nick (Tracy Letts) and Diane (Molly Shannon) throw a recommitment party. Frances brings the kids, and Robert brings his lawyer Tony (Dean Winters). Much like the other party that couple threw, you know the one, with the shooting and the heart attack, things don’t go smoothly. Awkwardness abounds and the happy couple certainly doesn’t seem so happy. Though Tony takes a shining to Dallas (Talia Balsam), as much as he can tolerate any woman.

In the end, Frances’ lawyer is just not cutting it. When you can’t tell the difference between mini-stroke and play-acting, it is a problem.  She switches to a fierce woman who suggests that it is now the best moment to stop wasting time and serve papers to Robert immediately.  Frances agrees though I doubt she expected them to be delivered in the middle of Lila’s basketball game during which Robert is coaching.  Ouch!

Next week on the season finale, Frances sees her dream of owning a gallery finally come to fruition. Robert started seeing Funspace also coming to fruition, but that appears to hit the brakes hard. Things have always been tense between to the two from the get, with Frances’ infidelity and Robert’s money managing issues. But with two intense lawyers it could get downright nasty.

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