Development Slate: YELLOWSTONE; CARTHAGE; Rosie O’Donnell & More

dev-logoNo big shattering development news here but a few tidbits of information that will add up to a worthwhile post for you to consider. With HBO’s parent company doing healthy in the market and its desire to create more HBO original content each of these brief descriptions could grow up to be a series in the channel’s future so we will keep on acknowledging them as they surface.


  • YELLOWSTONE Drama from Sons of Anarchy Team

People_Artand-JohnLinsonArt and John Linson, a father and son producing team, have teamed up for another gritty drama and this one is for HBO. Not only have they done the FX biker drama, but Art produced movies like Fight Club and the Black Dahlia and son John has Lords of Dogtown to his credit. 

 YELLOWSTONE follows one family’s struggle against encroachment in southwest Montana. We know that sounds rather boring and vague but this duo teaming up with former SOA Taylor Sheridan has our attention regardless. There last attempt at doing a show with HBO was with the dropped THE MONEY. Since they are locked into a two-year deal with HBO they can lock into a series commitment soon. Maybe, YELLOWSTONE is the one. We will keep you posted.  


  • Small Town CARTHAGE Concept

Playwright/screenwriter Kate Robin (pictured),  who wrote for the entire run of HBO’s SIX FEET UNDER, is behind a drama project fPeople_KateRobinor the channel entitled CARTHAGE. She will be executive producer alongside former HBO entertainment president Sue Naegle who is now a producer on the lookout for new HBO content.

Written by Robin, CARTHAGE is not a look at the city of ancient glory but about an American small town dealing with the repercussions of a violent crime in their environs. It will unfold as an examination on how this town deals with the rape of a high-school girl and all the accusations, angers and fears that broil up because of it. Both of these ladies know the executives and what HBO would be looking for in a series of this nature, so they might have a promising chance of seeing CARTHAGE come to life.


  • THE COUPLE is another concept Being Considered

THE COUPLE is a web series that is produced by Black & Sexy that airs on media sites. Its first episodes have generated enough interest for HBO to consider fleshing it out as a full series for itself. The piece takes a young black couple’s experiences with love, dating and relationships and creates short episodes. They can be found on Youtube. Here is its first episode.

The concept is created by Jeanine Daniels and Dennis Dortch, and directed by Dortch. It stars Numa Perrier and Desmond Faison. Whether or not that original cast continues with HBO’s version is unclear nor is it clear whether HBO will expound on the shorter web version episode by episode or commission completely new original scripts to be written.

HBO is already considering content from another artist with the Black & Sexy studio named Issa Rae, which we have previously reported. Only time will tell whether or not THE COUPLE makes it to the pay channel.


  • Rosie O’Donnell Stand-up Filmed for HBO is evidence at this link that Rosie O’Donnell has filmed a stand-up routine at the Levity Comedy Club of West Nyack, New York for HBO.

O’Donnell states that –

“After my heart attack I wanted to raise awareness about Women’s Heart Disease since I found out the hard way that I knew nothing about the #1 killer of women! So, HBO and I have partnered to do so in a way that is not only funny but could save your life!”

The gig was filmed on 04.05 over the course of two different performances but the air date for this comedy special is not known. I wouldn’t think it would take too long to edit the piece so we should see it this summer. Miss O’Donnell has appeared on HBO including as producer of a couple of documentaries as well as with her comedy.     


  • Alex Berg Gets Overall Deal

bergAlec Berg, who assists in running SILICON VALLEY with Mike Judge, has recently obtained an Overall development deal with HBO. So we will keep our eyes and ears open for anything he may come up with. Afterall, he is not a slouch when it comes to getting product on the screen. Prior to SILICON VALLEY he was a producer/writer/director for CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. Good luck to him on continuing to make god product for Home Box Office.

Hey, I was upfront about the slight Slate news this time around but I’d rather get out a bit of news that just might contain a big hit then have skipped over it. As HBO continues to churn out the ideas it won’t take long before I am back with another Development Slate. Check back.

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