Del Toro’s MONSTER Is No More For HBO

DelToro_MonsterStraight from the Latino-Review comes the news that Guillermo del Toro’s live action MONSTER is not going forward with HBO. We heard of his interest in developing the manga story way back in April of 2013. We followed up with the post that a pilot script was in hand in July of that year. Then there was nothing on that front until now. Of course, del Toro was busy with a Hobbit screenplay, Pacific Rim, The Strain and Crimson Peak. He’s a busy guy, maybe too busy.

In an interview on the mentioned site the Q & A brought up MONSTER.

Latino-Review: Can you give me an update on the status of ‘Monster’ project for HBO?


Guillermo del Toro: We are going to other companies to pitch it and see if anyone wants to do it. We finished writing a couple of the episodes, and so we have a sampler. We’re going to go and see what happens with that, but very likely that will happen somewhere next year.


LR: It’s still at HBO?


G delT: No, it’s out of HBO, and now we’re going to take it to other places but it’s not active active until we pitch it.   

So, to be fair that means the project itself is not dead, it is just not happening here. So look for it possibly elsewhere, but it would have been an interesting choice for HBO.

If you feel so inclined to follow this show where it goes you might ask yourself – just what is MONSTER? It is a thriller about a young successful doctor who treats a young boy with a head injury. Later in life that young boy has grown up to be a sociopathic, horrifying murderer; a true ‘monster.’ The doctor vows to make things right since he gave the injured man a second chance at life years ago. It seems a gripping and exciting project that will offer a cat and mouse chase of the good doctor trying, within his meager means, to track the elusive killer still on a killing spree. He does so by seeking out the criminal’s family, and investigating the crime scenes. The doctor, in fact, gets so close to the crimes that authorities make him a suspect in the killings.   

It is cool, but not meant to be. I wish we had information citing why the series was not going forward. It would be alright to have a serial killer on the network, right?

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