Del Toro, Scorsese Team Up for Cortes Series


Ah, drama. HBO is no stranger to the emotional roller coaster that is premium drama. Few historical moments have as much drama packed into them as that of the colonization of Central America by the Spanish in the 1500’s. The “discovery”, the betrayal, the lies and the glory are all there just begging to be put to screen.

What if I told you that HBO was teaming up with Martin Scorsese (yes, that one) and Benicio Del Toro (Traffic, Snatch, The Usual Suspects) to bring you a story about the life of conquistador Hernán Cortés!?  Is that something you might be interested in?  Well, many outlets are reporting this to be the case. There is no series order just yet but given the level of chatter and specificity we’re convinced that something is in the works.

This controversial time in history will surely drum up the drama. Cortes is hardly a “hero” to most people but he also may have a human side that no one has explored yet.  Was Tony Soprano a “hero”?  Was Dexter or Enoch Thompson?  Were the Aztecs a peaceful, advanced, moral civilization or was there a darker side to their universe as well? This series will tap into those questions and we can’t wait to explore those answers along with you.

No word on whether Del Toro will actually star in the series, only that he’s “involved”. In fact, we know absolutely nothing about the plot or scope of the project other than it focuses on the life of Cortes as he lands in as-yet “undiscovered” South and Central America and interacts with the native people there… though “interacts” is probably too soft a word for what stalwarts of history already know happens there.  Will Montezuma star as well? Will he have his revenge? There are still many open questions.

We’ll get you more details along with an air date window as the information breaks.  Until then you may want to read up on your history of the Aztec empire.


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