DEADWOOD Movie & TRUE DETECTIVE Season 3 Get Closer to Happening

Two acclaimed HBO series are getting closer to seeing their next incarnations and fans should be excited about it. Both David Milch’s DEADWOOD and Nick Pizzolatto’s TRUE DETECTIVE are moving forward with new developments. HBO’s Programming Chief Casey Bloys was happy to announce the news at July’s TCA event.


DEADWOOD is finally moving to the big cinematic screen. The final script for the movie is in hand. Bloys said – 

“He totally delivered on this. If we can do for the right budget it makes sense. We’re talking to directors and we’re getting the cast together, which is not an easy task. Then we’re inclined to do it if we can get over those hurdles. The script is terrific.”

Yes, a lot has to fall in place, but everyone wants this to materialize, as the particulars get worked out. It has been hinted at that the plot involved shows the town of Deadwood, South Dakota burning down. That is historically accurate as it did so on September 26, 1879.  Now it is a matter of waiting for a director and all the cast to fall in line. We’ll keep you posted.


David Milch is also busy assisting Pizzalotto with getting Season Three of TRUE DETECTIVE ready. Bloys admitted to having read five scripts and said –

“They are terrific. … I was very impressed and excited. We are talking to directors, and when we have a director we want to hire, it will be a go.”

And as we reported, it will be a go with Mahershala Ali.

For the record, there has been no strong word on any further developments with Steve Zaillian’s THE NIGHT OF, though Bloys stated – “The good news about Steven Zaillian is that he will come to you when he’s ready, and when he comes to us, we’ll know he’s locked.” No solid word either on Lianne Moriarty BIG LITTLE LIES.

(Source: Deadline)

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