David Spade Tries Out A Series For HBO

People_DavidSpadeIn a Development Slate piece back in February of 2014, we noted that comedian David Spade was toying around an idea for a series at HBO. That concept had Spade out to be a washed-up Rock band manager but it obviously never came to fruition. Mr. Spade did not give up and four years later another concept has a chance for consideration. Notedly, his character is still music oriented.  

The yet to be titled half-hour comedy not only has David Spade producing and starring but two other notable join him in the process. Diablo Cody, of One Mississippi and The United States of Tara, has written the work and serves as executive producer. Her work focuses on Calvin Wash, played by Spade, who in the 90s was a semi-famous grunge musician hooked on heroin. Now he’s clean, sober and working as a waiter in the Valley. When he meets troubled 20-something actress Bailey, both of their lives change in unexpected and electrifying ways. 

The third person involved, to date, is Jason Reitman as director & executive producer. He has directed Cody’s words before in movies like JunoYoung Adult and Tully. Spade’s last attempt did not list big names behind it, maybe this time around will make all the difference.  

Spade has a fun filmography. He started in 1987 with Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol. After guest roles in sitcoms like ALF and The Facts of Life. He hit notoriety as the voice of Kuzco in the animated The Emperor’s New Groove and Joe Dirt in 2000. Strong TV stints he was a part of include Just Shoot Me!8 Simple RulesRules of Engagement and, of course, Saturday Night Live. He even appeared on HBO as himself in THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and ENTOURAGE.  

We will keep a track of this one to see what the show ends up being titled and who takes the Bailey role. What do you think? I asked this before and I’ll ask again, is David Spade a good addition to join Larry David, Danny McBride, Pete Holmes and Bill Hader?  

(Source: Deadline)

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