David Milch Still Onboard With HBO

We know David Milch as the producer of classics like TV’s Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue as well as HBO’s DEADWOOD (2004-2006), JOHN People_DavidMilchFROM CINCINNATI (2007) and LUCK (2011-2012). Then, there was THE MONEY. The shows he has helmed for HBO haven’t had longevity, but that doesn’t mean he has given up on HBO as the place he wants to be.

The show creator just recently signed an extended development deal for two more years with the network. Hopefully he will find a project that HBO will love and his relationship with the channel can continue.

It all started with DEADWOOD which ended too soon after just three seasons. He went totally in a different direction with JOHN FROM CINCINNATI which didn’t catch on and lasted one season followed by LUCK for which we could link you to several posts explaining its quick demise. He kept at it and pitched THE MONEY this year, but HBO didn’t go for it. Undaunted he continues because he knows where great quality resides – yep with HBO. Maybe, the William Faulkner works he is interested in will finally materialize. Those of a literary mind know those would make great HBO Films presentations or maybe, even anthology series? At any rate, not much to report on the matter but it is nice to know that David Milch is still at HBO. We eagerly await what he will come up with next.



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