David Fincher Comedy (fka LIVING ON VIDEO) Halts Production

david-fincher-behind-camera-300x186First off this show had a title change somewhere along the line and we missed it. The David Fincher comedy chronicling the early biz of music videos in the 1980’s was going under the name of LIVING ON VIDEO. Somewhere along the line it turned into VIDEOSYNCRAZY or spelled “Videosyncrasy” some places. That is a lot cooler moniker anyway. But all that is a moot point according to Deadline.com as the series has now gone dormant. 

According to the reporter, though no official word has been stated, there has been talk of a halt to production after already having shot four or five episodes. The series is not supposedly cancelled, but under reevaluation. HBO apparently was less than satisfied by what they have seen so far and Fincher agreed to examine the footage and come up with a better ‘creative direction’ for the work. That could involve script rewrites, reshoots of existing episodes, new or different characters added, better locales and sets, who knows. It could also take time. HBO could have totally scrapped the comedy, but of course, they want to keep Fincher close. The dramatic series UTOPIA is still out there and the potential for Fincher to direct HBO Films projects is likely. So they are giving the comedy another chance.

Once again as a reminder in this series Robbie drops out of college to head to Hollywood looking for work in the movie business and lands a job as a production assistant at a company making music videos. It all takes place in 1983 right at the time the industry was taking off and MTV (started in 1981) was making music videos popular. Of course, storming around are colorful directors, producers, celebrities and cameramen all making it a lucrative business and some exciting times.

David Fincher started out as a music video director and has obvious knowledge of the craft. Just how long it will take to resume production on this look at the industry is anyone’s guess. Hopefully it can be retooled to everyone’s satisfaction and that VIDEOSYNCRAZY can illustrate well the crazy world of music video production from back in the day. HBOWatch will keep you posted.   


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