Curb’s JB Smoove (Leon) to star in FOX sitcom

smoove1-300x181JB Smoove, better known as Larry David’s unwanted house guest on Curb Your Enthusiasm, has inked a deal with FOX Television this week.  JB will star in his very own sitcom that revolves around a recently divorced father who can’t afford to move out or sell the house, so instead he moves into the family’s basement while his ex-wife and kids live upstairs.  Not too unlike his character’s “unwanted house guest” situation on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

JB is also expected to reprise his role as Leon in ten new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s eighth season which premieres on HBO later this year.

Until then check out The Best of Leon on YouTube and get ready to ‘brings the raucous to the ladies‘.

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