CTV to air Game of Thrones Entire First Season!



What would the Old and the New Gods think of this new development?! Up here, or ‘North of the Wall’ as I like to jokingly put it, Canada’s own CTV network will start airing the entire first season of Game of Thrones starting in August. Well, for those that have already seen the entire six season, this really isn’t news for you. However, for the folks up in Canada who don’t have access to HBO Go or don’ subscribe to HBO, this is HUGE! In fact, it’s extremely exciting. 


game-thrones-season-1-6-finale-dragon-300x169Remember, not everyone is tech savvy or can afford tablets to stream HBO Go or can subscribe to HBO if you order cable. This is fantastic because there are so many fans that haven’t seen the show and have really wanted to for some time now. Well, once August 8th rolls around, Canadian fans can watch the entire first season, as CTV plans to air one episode per night, with minimal commercial interruptions and apparently NO editing or censorship!  

This comes as a shock because CTV is known for being a very family friendly, conservative channel. Then again, when you think about how popular the HBO series is this is a win-win for everyone involved. The fans gets to watch the first season in August and the CTV network will get an additional base of viewers. All in all, I would say that this is a positive step in the right direction and I hope to see CTV expand on this and set the stage for airing the second season, which will only go to increase CTV’s popularity amongst Game of Thrones fans.  

CTV: if you pray to the Old and the New Gods, or the Seven, then you’ll do what’s right: air the first season, roll with the popularity of the series and then continue to air the respective seasons after that, however space it out. That way, Canadian fans have something to look forward to for the next six months’ time. After all, Winter is Coming…



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