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Critics Agree: Bet on HBO’s New Series ‘Luck’

HBOTrueBloodBoardwalkEmpire_biggerLast night HBO debuted it’s newest drama series, Luck  starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte.  Reviewers and television conosiours around the web were quick to post their opinions on the star-studded show about the shady goings-on at a horse-race track.  Here are a few quotes from various publications in praise of HBO’s latest gamble:

The Guardian: “On the basis of one episode, Luck is already intriguing enough that it’s unlikely anyone’s going to bet against David Milch and HBO this time around.”

The Wall Street Journal: “Milch’s love of interconnected groups of winners, losers, addicts, degenerates, plotters, obsessives and seedy romantics is perfect for a multi-character drama set at a racetrack. But Milch is also known for celebrating sheer professionalism, an artistic trait he shares with Mann. Everybody’s working in “Luck.” There’s not an amateur in the group.”

Entertainment Weekly: “It was a beautiful hour of television to watch: The steam rising with an almost magical aura from the freshly exercised horses; the steely, inexorable pans across the faces of bettors as they strain their eyes, and their very souls, to figure out what position their horse is in during a race.”

WhatCulture: “…if each episode can pack the level of suspense that Milch and Mann were able to provide [in this first episode], we have a real winner on our hands”

ScreenRant: “Once more, HBO has proven itself adept at blurring the lines between film and television by inviting creators to tell a large story, from a multitude of perspectives, over the course of many hours. And from what it looks like, Luck is going to utilize all of them.”

Huffington Post: “But if I were a betting woman, I’d say there’s more than an even chance that ‘Luck’s’ first season will be worth watching (the knowledge that Michael Gambon will be stopping by almost guarantees that).”

HitFix: “It looked great, it sounded great, and Hoffman and Dennis Farina established a quick, entertaining rapport as Ace Bernstein and his driver/front Gus. Obviously, it could make a very wrong turn into a “John from Cincinnati” within a few episodes, but what I saw last night made me very, very eager for that HBO care package to arrive.”

It looks like most critics liked at least most of what they saw last night!  There are eight more episodes of luck set to start airing on January 29th.  If you missed this special sneak peek don’t worry, at some point HBO will re-air the pilot and it may even pop up on Demand this holiday season.  Here’s the latest trailer:

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