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Countdown to True Blood : Top Ten Things We Want to See in Season 6

by Rhiannon Kavity
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There’s only a few hours left until the premiere and I’m positive I’m not the only Truebie sitting on the edge of my seat and staring at my clock in anticipation. Why does time always seem to move so much slower on these days? In preparation, I’ve been wracking my brain for a few of the things I would love to see in this upcoming season. Having those expectations might result in disappointment but after last season, I have restored faith that writers will satisfy us with each bite. Here are just a few of them:

  • More badass single Sookie. One of my favorite parts of Season 5 was the fact that we finally stepped away      from the main triangle and were able to see Sookie as a single woman for the first time since the show’s premiere. For so long, fans were burdened      by this love-sick character who had no real concept of her own identity  outside of being claimed by a vampire. Last season, however, writers began      to explore her fae ancestry and the murder of her parents which led to a  deeper dynamic to a seemingly flat character. I want more than anything to      see her continue to flourish and fall in love with herself.
  • The epic ship [relationship for those  not hip to the lingo] of Tara and Pam. The relationship between these      two came out of nowhere and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m a big fan of shows incorporating same-sex relationships in a way that approaches      it as a completely natural occurrence because in 2013, it really is. The collision of two stubborn, head-strong, and powerful women is one of the most interesting things to watch and I can’t wait to see the relationship progress.
  • Jason to become something other than a boy-toy. We all know that almost every storyline the character has had      since the show’s premiere has been revolving around some female (or Steve Newlin) using him. There was minor redemption when it came to the      relationship he had with Jessica but that seemed to be very short-lived  and I doubt the writers will delve more into it this season after Jason’s      recent experiences with vampires. I’m pretty interested to see the “vampire hunter” side of Jason and hope it gives his character some more depth as opposed to just using Ryan Kwantan’s talents as an attractive male who remains shirtless the entire episode (not that I’m necessarily complaining  about that but you know what I mean).
  • A continuation of the interesting  secondary storylines that we saw last season. Though the whole fire      demon stalking Terry thing was a little blah for my taste, I still loved  seeing so much of his relationship with Arlene and they way the writers      continue to delve into his PTSD (which is a topic not a lot of shows have  the guts to approach). Each scene with Sam and Luna in Season 5 easily      climbed the ranks of my favorite scene of the season. I love the relationship they’ve built and the link that Luna brings between the      Shifters and the Werewolves. Luna surviving through the premiere is one of  my highest hopes because I feel like that storyline has so much more      potential than most people think.
  • More exploration of Nora and Eric’s past. Despite the slight incestuous thing they have going on, I love      looking more into Eric’s character. His relationship with Godric was one of my favorite dynamics in the show and now he has an opportunity to show      us something similar with Nora.
  • The death of Billith. Because  really, I can’t stand Bill as a normal character. Making him a hybrid with      some vampire goddess is just pushing it. Off with his head!
  • Alcide, Pack Master. Alcide is probably one of my favorite secondary characters (even more so now that he’s      no longer pining after Sookie and focused on the wolves). I love the idea of him in charge of his own pack because we so often see him struggling      awkwardly in social settings. Though I am kind of cringing at the thought of the writers having him get addicted to V (which is merely just a      prediction and not a spoiler). I could just seem them doing it for the shock value after he watched Debbie ruin everything in their lives because      of her addiction.
  • More Hoyt and Layfette. Hoyt’s  adorable and I love him. And as much as watching him offer himself up as a      living blood bag to any skanky vampire that comes his way breaks my heart,  I have to see more. Call it the masochist in me. As far as Layfette, he’s      my favorite character of all time. He brings comic relief at the perfect times and I can’t wait to hear more of his quips this season.
  • A main character to actually die (and not be brought back in some way or another). I know that sounds      terrible. But it’s already been confirmed that a main character WILL die  this season and so this is my way of mentally preparing myself of the      trauma. Major character deaths have the power to make or break a show and  it’s just a matter of time of us to see if that’s what’s going to happen      for True Blood. Either way, since the show is moving towards the darker  theme of war, it’s only natural for someone major to bite the dust. The      fans would be complaining if someone didn’t (just as we surely will when that someone actually dies.)
  • The war to continue. This might  just be my favorite overall plot introduced so far. It’s only natural for      the humans and the supernatural to clash and I’m so excited to witness it. Though I may be crossing all my fingers and toes that they give it the      justice that it deserves. That means lots of blood, lots of tears, and  some serious angst for all of Trubies.

So there are my top predictions for Season Six. I only expect maybe one of them to actually work out the way it should in my head but that’s part of the life of a dedicated TV watcher.

Here’s a bit of a preview for what’s to come this summer:

What are you hoping to see this season? And more importantly, which character do you think won’t make the cut?

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blixx July 5, 2013 - 3:58 am

Sookie, bitch are you retarded or does stupidity just run in your family? I alway’s knew Jason was a dim blub, but girlfriend please why in the world would you bring home some raggadyass stranger that you don’t even know his name when you’re being stalked by some kind of ancient vampire who want’s to claim you as His…are you nut’s? I honestly cannot believe your gran did’t teach you to not talk to strangers…oh well I digress, I must say, I really was happy to find out about grandpa Niall, Rutger Houer is one of my favorite characters. I only question his intelligence by also bringing home a raggedy lameassed stranger that he just met …excuse me but danger danger Will Robertson how can they not suspect he may be Worlow in fae disguise? I am so worried about Jason could he possibly be manifesting into a warepanther? is this the plot segment where one of the main characters has to die? remember when he was being held and raped by most of the female residents of hot shot? what I wonder is how long has it been since he and Crystal and those women did the big nasty I mean it could be plausible? remember what that old dude was telling the story of ghost daddy, ghost mama and ghost daddy had to die and be puked up to change into a panther…ok now switching gears, I love the Pam and Tara relationship I really want to see Tara happy, and I hope she will forgive Sookie and Laffayette they only wanted to save her life .thank goddess and I absolutely love Lala! I must also say i’m glad Alcide has finally grown a pair, but he needs to let Emma to Sam and get his unruly pack in line. most of the other residents of Bon Temps I can take or live . I can’t stand Bill he is a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur, but I love Jessica and I truly hope she doesn’t fall into Bill’s mania . she portrays a sweet smart lovely vampire and I hope she remains so… now the best for last, Eric, Eric is by far my favorite ! yes he is or can be a total asshole, but he is the most interesting character on the show.i cried so much when he returned owenership back to Sookie and she reciended his invitation he loves her and I think that they have a much deeper much older link than they realize,and to as Niall has said she has royellty in her blood and Eric was pronounced king by his father just before he died…well that’s the way ii see it . they are both old sole’s…

Rich G in Tampa June 19, 2013 - 9:34 am

The show has kind of jumped the shark for me.

Hannah June 17, 2013 - 2:25 pm

Die Billith die !
I didn’t think it’d be possible but I hate him even more now than I’ve seen the first episode of this season.. He has become even more unsufferable now that he is some kind of freaky immortal guy with special powers..

Rhiannon Kavity June 18, 2013 - 5:42 am

Couldn’t agree with you more! I haven’t liked him since season one and it’s just like every season it gets worse and worse!

MJ Snow June 20, 2013 - 8:49 pm

I’m totally with you on this one! I’ve been done with Tara for ages too, but if she can become less obnoxious, I’d love to see her and Pam really develop their relationship. I’ve got zero interest in Nora or any of the other new characters. They have so many underdeveloped characters who are just kind of “there” – I wish they would do something (that isn’t stupid) with Lala, Terry B, Hoyt, etc. I also really hope to see Alcide kick some serious ass & not focus so much on the stupid werefemales who are all overacted & annoying. I guess I just want the whole show to be less annoying & stupid. ;) Strangely enough, I still love it!

Hannah June 21, 2013 - 4:14 am

I had the same reflexion: it’s funny how I can hate so much of the characters and still love the show so much..

Every new episode I spend half the time making comments about how stupid Sookie is, how Tara should shut up and how Bill should get killed.. but every week I’m still bouncing up and down waiting for the next episode to be aired.

MichelleMac June 21, 2013 - 3:34 am

From your lips to the powers that be at TB central. I could handle him living as long as they never put him and Sookie together again. Its like chalk on a blackboard watching that pair.

Oh and Jessica…..run honey, run….


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