Constance Zimmer Spills Entourage Spoilers

ari-and-dana-picture_558x372-300x200Constance Zimmer, who plays Ari Gold’s ‘friend’ and business associate Dana Gordon may have spilled the beans on an important detail to be revealed in the final season of Entourage this summer.  In an interview with an online publication, Zimmer said

…what happens specifically for Dana and Ari this year is, I think we get to explore part of our friendship/relationship that maybe that fans have been maybe hoping for. That can lead you down any road you want to take it. You get to see Dana and Ari in a light that you never really have seen them in which has been really fun and exciting.  It ended in a way that I did not even see coming.”

Is there any other way to interperet this other than a possible romance?  Ari seems to love his wife genuinely enough but can his wife handle the work-consumed agent for another season?  Constance seems to indicate that there are other fish in the sea for Air this season.

She was also asked about the possibility of an Entourage movie sometime in the future to which she expressed her hope for:

“We all believe that it’s going to happen.  We’re just putting that out. It’s going to happen, especially the way this season ends. It’s definitely going to leave everybody wanting more and wanting to see what is going to happen with these characters after you see what happens to them this season. They all change. They all go through some very great changes.  I’m a huge part of Ari’s change this season. We almost need a movie.”

We’ll find out where Ari’s antics lead him in the final season of Entourage premieres July 24th.  Check out the only teaser trailer HBO has released thus far:

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