CODES OF CONDUCT Becomes A Limited Series At HBO

McQueen_winner-300x180Steve McQueen (Oscar winning 12 Years A Slave) will be helming a six-episode order for CODES OF CONDUCT for HBO. HBOWatch has been keeping track of this project for a while and it looks like HBO, in the end, could not pass on a work from the Oscar nominated director of a Best Picture movie.

We first picked up on project, which was originally slated as an HBO Film presentation, with this post on 10.31.13. Almost a year later, on 10.14.14, the project took on its current title and gained a lead in Devon Terrell. Back then we stated that the character –

is a young man from Queens as talented as he is ambiguous. His self-confidence will enable him to break into the social circles of Manhattan’s elite, testing the boundaries of access and social mobility. Throughout the series, Beverly’s ability will grant him access to a life larger in every way than the one to which he was born. His chameleon-like approach to life will test his nerve as he takes his future into his own hands.

Then earlier this year (02.01.15) we learned of some additional casting. Now we learn that the project moves ahead as a limited series, which is now a new and legitimate type of show on your TV dial. Steve McQueen himself will direct all six installments. The work comes from the pen of Matthew Michael Carnahan and Russell Simons has a producer credit.   

Though there is no confirmation of timeline this project, as proven here, has been in the works for a while. As long as McQueen has an open schedule to film back-to-back we can see this limited series this fall. As always we will keep our eyes on this one because it is great to have McQueen at HBO.  Let us know what you think about CODES OF CONDUCT.  

(Source: Deadline)


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