SteveMcQueen_CodesofConduct-150x150For a network that has promised an increase in content it sure has been turning away considered works. Steve McQueen’s CODES OF CONDUCT has now been dropped as a series for HBO. Now, of course we haven’t seen a frame of footage from the pilot, but come on, HBO has aired such works as ARLI$$, HUNG and JOHN FROM CINCINNATI so surely they could have worked with McQueen to get this series, either full run or limited, to the screen?

I mean what happened to it? It already had a green light to be a limited series of six episodes all to be directed by the Oscar nominated McQueen with Devon Terrell, Helena Bonham Carter, Paul Dano & Rebecca Hall cast. You can read the details we had for this show that could have been. There has been no quote we could find to explain why it was dropped. Now we haven’t entered the latest entertainment debate but could we cite a lack of diversity here?  Not only has CODES OF CONDUCT been dropped but we already reported that BROTHERS FROM ATLANTA didn’t make the cut. But we will still have Issa Rae in INSECURE yet this year.

Also not appearing on HBO is CRUSHED, yet another black-centric show. We lift from one of our Development Slate pieces the following info:

So, what is CRUSHED? It is a fish-out-of-water story that follows a family’s unorthodox approach to wine making when an African American stumbles upon a successful wine business in the Napa Valley.

We never heard more about it until recently when we found out Hulu was picking it up after HBO passed on it a while ago. It leaves us all to wonder when HBO is going to begin increasing that content. Perhaps they are just going to subtitle international HBO content for U. S. audiences instead of increasing the number of new shows produced in the States. Stay tuned, something has got to stick soon.

(Source: Shadow and Act


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