Cinemax Offers STRIKE BACK Season Four and Plans Frontier Drama

Now we know there are some Cinemax fans around here because we wouldn’t be covering THE KNICK if there weren’t people watching it. If you have Cinemax then you know about another show on the channel called STRIKE BACK which is striking back hard with an upcoming fourth and final season. Here are highlights from the Press Release announcing the news:


A star-studded cast heads season four of Cinemax’s hit action drama series STRIKE BACK, which recently resumed production in Europe. Stars Sullivan Stapleton (300: The Rise of an Empire) and Philip Winchester (Crusoe, and the upcoming Undrafted) return as an unlikely pair of counterterrorism operatives, Scott and Stonebridge, and are joined by Robson Green (Wire in the Blood), Michelle Lukes (Doctors) and Milauna Jackson (Blood Done Sign My Name) as their fellow Section 20 members.


New cast members include award winner Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II), Dustin Clare (the Spartacus series), Will Yun Lee (HBO’s TRUE BLOOD), James Wilby (Gosford Park), Adrian Paul (the Highlander series), Joseph Gatt (HBO’s GAME OF THRONES AND Cinemax’s BANSHEE), Christian Antidormi (Spartacus: War of the Damned) and British mixed martial arts champion and UFC fighter Michael Bisping.

StrikeBack_02-300x199The series recently resumed shooting in Europe and will continue through the fall, with additional production in Thailand. The production had been on hiatus to allow Stapleton to recuperate from a non-set injury sustained earlier this year. STRIKE BACK’s fourth and final season of ten episodes will air on CINEMAX and UK partner Sky 1 in 2015.  Season four is directed by Michael J. Bassett (who also serves as co-executive producer), Julian Holmes and Brendan Maher, and written by Bassett, Jack Lothian, James Dormer, Richard Zajdlic, Ed Whitmore and Tim Vaughan.


Other new cast members include Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton in HBO’s GAME OF THRONES), Max Beesley (Suits), Tim McInnerny (Notting Hill), Leo Gregory (Tristan and Isolde), Mark Griffin (Doctor Who), Wolf Kahler (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), Andrew Pleavin (300: Rise of an Empire), Eliza Hope Bennett (Nanny McPhee) and Masa Yamaguchi (The Wolverine).


TV Guide said that STRIKE BACK “blazed a new trail in hardcore pulp fiction” and hailed it as “still the gold standard for TV action.” said, “Every season ‘Strike Back’ raises the stakes,” and New York’s Daily News observed that season three returned “with a bigger bang than ever.” The Huffington Post called it “well made and damn fun.”


STRIKE BACK was nominated for American Society of Cinematographers Award and was awarded Best Big Bang Stunts & Effects by the Royal Television Society.  IGN nominated the series Best TV Action Series for two years in a row.

Cinemax is also in the planning stages of a new drama series. It is called TRAIL OF BLOOD and it will star Barry Pepper. He will play a preacher out in the frontier during the western expansion of this country. His only child, a teenage daughter, is taken by the Harpe brothers, the first documented serial killers in U. S. history. That last part is not a bit of fiction whipped up for the show, but based on truth. It sounds grim but good, right?  By the way, Mr. Pepper is no stranger to the family as he played Roger Maris in the acclaimed HBO Films: 61*.

Check back for more occasional Cinemax news.

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