Cinemax Gets Mike Judge’s Return to Animation

MikeJudgepals-150x150Do any of you remember “heh-heh” Beavis and Butthead? Perhaps you recall Hank Hill and his Arles, Texas brood in King of the Hills? Mike Judge, long before his stint as co-creator of HBO’s SILICON VALLEY, generated these mentioned animated works for MTV and Fox, respectively. Well, he now returns to animation with a signed on series for Cinemax.

Not many details are known about the work, but enough to perhaps pique some interest. The work is entitled MIKE JUDGE PRESENTS: TALES FROM THE TOUR BUS and is slated for an eight-episode run (at least to start). It is said it will draw from the many stories told upon the old tour buses of some of country music’s more eccentric characters. You can just imagine the jawin’ going on between gigs, right?

It is totally up in the air on who any of the characters might be, and whether country stars themselves will do the voiceovers or not. Or perhaps a totally fictitious band of players will expound? Oh, hell, no use speculating, is there? The style of animation has also not been revealed either.  The style of animation has also not been revealed. We may know the answers soon enough though as the half-hour comedy series is currently in production for People_HankHill-150x150its premiere later this year.

Will half-hour animation fit into Cinemax’s big, dramatic lineup? Don’t forget we are talking shows like STRIKE BACK, OUTCAST and QUARRY here. HBO has been known to dabble in animation with the likes of shows like THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM and ANIMALS., but Cinemax? Well, Cinemax programming president Kary Antholis thinks it will fit and Mike Judge sure hopes so. And, of course, fans of Judge’s animated style hope for it also. We’ll keep you posted on this and all Cinemax news in 2017.     

(Source: Deadline)   

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