Christopher Heyerdahl in True Blood Season 5

Christopher-Heyerdahl-True-Blood-Season-5Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more vampires in Bon Temps HBO goes and casts yet another ancient blood sucker!  Christopher Heyerdahl is known for his portrayals of other supernatural beings in Twilight, Stargate: Atlantis and Sanctuary.

While he’s played the role of Marcus in Twilight (pictured right), he’s most likely going to take things to a more… adult level in his role as Dieter Braun on HBO’s notoriously sexy True Blood.  There are so many new characters promised for True Blood season 5 we find it hard to believe that everyone is going to survive this summer’s episodes!  Who do you want to see live or die?  Leave a comment below.

True Blood Season 5 will premiere on HBO this Spring.  We’ll update our HBO Premiere Schedule when we know an exact date!

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