Chris Meloni WILL Join True Blood Season 5 Cast

TrueBloodSeason5NewVampire-193x300Bon Temps is becoming a very crowded little town these days with several new characters being confirmed for True Blood’s fifth season.  Two new female vampires have already been confirmed.  The latest word is that Law and Order: SVU alum, Chris Meloni (pictured to your right) is in talks to portray an “incredibly powerful vampire” this summer.

Mr Meloni is known for several sex scenes in HBO’s Oz,  n intense prison drama, in which he played bisexual inmate Chris Keller so an inevitable True Blood sex scene won’t be too far off of the mark for the 50 year old actor.  True Blood Season 5 Premieres on HBO’s air this Summer.  Keep watching our HBO series premiere schedule for a more updated release date as well as a fancy count-down clock!

What do you think about all of the new faces around the True Blood Season 5 campfire?  Do you think some of our favorite characters are on their way out to make way for the newbies?  Leave us a comment with your thoughts below!

UPDATE:  Confirmed. Chris Meloni WILL join the cast of True Blood season 5.

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