Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys to Air Dec. 5th on HBO

Australia’s Chris Lilley is back with a brand new series called ‘Angry Boys’.  After the warm reception of Summer Heights High in 2009, the comedian announced that he would begin work on yet another series in which he plays multiple, hilarious characters.  HBOWatch can now confirm that the series will debut on HBO on December 5th of this year!

Angry boys will follow the classic Lilley formula, which is to say that he’ll play four different ‘boys’, each with his own background and unique personality.  The very first promotional video below depicts an overbearring Asian mother, rival twin brothers and a few others that look equally as absurd.  Unfortunately, Mr G. doesn’t look to be a part of this universe but perhaps he’ll work him in some how!

Check out the trailer if you haven’t already!

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