Riddle_SalahuddinFor every show that makes the cut there are twice as many that do not. BROTHERS IN ATLANTA is such a project that at the end of the day didn’t make it. Our description stated:

Its basic premise takes us to the heart of Atlanta with characters Langston and Moose played by Riddle & Salahuddin respectively. Langston is a DJ and Moose is a backup singer for hire so the series will look into the music scene of the Peach State city and, of course, explore the lives and loves of these guys. Jaden Smith plays a rowdy neighbor of Langston and Rudolph and Maya Rudolf personifies Moose’s boss.

We have been tracking this work from Riddle/Salahuddin for a long while and we were sure a series was going to happen. It was picked up to series, so what happened? We are not sure. HBO asked the series to reworked from its original concept and that second idea is what got the green light. All HBO said about the matter was –

“After assessing our programming needs, we talked to Bashir and Diallo and decided moving forward didn’t make sense for us at the time. We feel they are immensely talented, and we hope to work HBOComedy2with them in the future.”

Though the project was finally turned away it doesn’t mean that the development deal for the team is closed. Better luck next time around or perhaps someone else snags the tale of the BROTHERS IN ATLANTA. The show joins such comedies as Mike White’s MAMA DALLAS and Evid Fincher’s LIVING ON VIDEO as one that didn’t make the cut. There are however a number of comedy concept we haven’t heard about and hopefully get word on soon. They include ALL DRESSED UP AND EVERYWHERE TO GO by Lena Dunham, BROS, MR. DIRECTOR and the Sedgwick, Silverman and Cummings projects among others. We’ll keep you posted.

(Source: Deadline)

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