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Bronson Pinchot On His THE LEFTOVERS Distinction

by Jef Dinsmore
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TheLeftovers_titleIf you are watching THE LEFTOVERS Sunday nights than you know there are only two fun things about the show. One is the duo that is Adam and Scott Frost played by real life brothers Max and Charlie Carver. The other is discovering all the famous people who are a part of the disappeared 2%.

We know that the likes of the Pope and Jennifer Lopez are among them. In the second episode “Penguin One, Us Zero” we learn that the entire cast of Perfect Strangers were also taken unexplainably away. The news report was noted in a scene between Chief Garvey and his ailing father. In fact Garvey Sr., played by Scott Glen, passed comment on the fact.

Well it appears that Bronson Pinchot has passed comment on the fact as well. It turns out that Vulture was conducting an interview with the actor for a totally different reason, but ended up asking a couple of questions regarding mention on the HBO show.

Jeff Vander Meer: DPerfectStrangersid HBO by any chance get in touch with you about that reference beforehand?

Bronson Pinchot: No, nobody said “boo.” (No pun intended.)


J. VM: How do you feel about awesome Perfect Strangers references like this?

BP: Well, if nothing else it’s a perfect illustration of what one is (unknowingly) inviting when one goes onto mainstream TV. The line between my personal space and the character I created is, in the public consciousness, nonexistent. One can spin it for oneself as a grand left-handed compliment. Once, at an airport, there was a hubbub about some celebrity disembarking a plane. The huge midwestern man next to me nudged me in the ribs and said, “LOOK, BALKI! IT’S GREGORY HINES!!!”People_BronsonPinchot


J. VM: And do you have anything to say about going out like that with your former castmates?

B. P. Well, there’s a poetic rightness to it, isn’t there? I mean, where else do characters go when you stop playing them?


Okay, so it is a fun element of the show, but what is the chance, since we are only talking of 2 % of the world going poof here, that Mr. Pinchot, Mark Linn-Baker, Melanie Wilson and Rebecca Arthur all disappeared? Just sayin’.


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J. Ross July 14, 2014 - 1:22 pm

I am just old enough to remember my parents watching Perfect Strangers. I actually had a stuffed toy named Balkie Bear, I think.

To go on a tangent, I love the response “where do characters go when we stop playing them?” This is a great justification for Six Feet Under having the single best premise for the ending of any show that has been made. You don’t get more conclusive than that. Now I’m off for a cry as I remember the show.

Cian Gaffney July 13, 2014 - 7:18 am

I’m too young to be familiar with Perfect Strangers, but I knew I recognized Pinchot in his few seconds on The Leftovers…he’s Serge in Beverly Hills Cop!


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