Bringing Home the Trophies: HBO at the 2014 Creative Emmy Awards

HBO has always been one of the best, something that’s shown constantly with the way fans and critics adore the shows that have been produced by the infamous network. Such recognition was shown yet again during this years Creative Arts Emmy‘s where HBO took home more trophies to add to their every growing collection!


True Detective: 4 Wins!

This freshman thriller-drama was an immediate fan favorite, staring one of the best ensembles we’ve seen in a long time and providing a fresh perspective on the genre. We all love it already and apparently, so do the award shows!

  1. Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series.
  2. Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) for The Secret Fate of All Life.
  3. Outstanding Main Title Design.
  4. Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series for Who Goes There?

Game of Thrones: 4 Wins!

Die-hard fans might just be a tiny bit biased with how much we adore HBO’s hit TV show, Game of Thrones, but the award critics definitely agree. That or the panels are composed completely of fellow Throners who are equally enthralled.

At the, GoT took home four major wins. The trophies were for:

  1. Outstanding Art Direction for a Contemporary or Fantasy Series (Single-Camera) for The Laws of Gods and Men and The Mountain and the Viper. 
  2. Outstanding Costumes for a Series for The Lion and The Rose 
  3. Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Mini-series, Movie, or Special for The Children.
  4. Outstanding Special and Visual Effects for The Children. 

As if this wasn’t honor enough, they added a Hugo Award to their trophy case just the next night! The award was for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Film. The award went for The Rains of Castamere, which we all know was by far one of the best episodes to date!

Boardwalk Empire : 1 Win!

  1. Outstanding Art Direction for a Period Series, Mini-Series, or a Movie (Single Camera) for Erlkönig, The Old Ship Of Zion, and Farewell Daddy Blues.


Treme: 1 Win!

  1. Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Mini-Series.

The Normal Heart: 1 Win!

  1. Outstanding Makeup for a Mini-series or Movie (Non-Prosthetic).

One Last Hug: Three Days at Grief Camp: 1 Win!

  1. Outstanding Children’s Program.

Life According to Sam: 1 Win!

  1. Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking

Vice: 1 Win!

  1. Outstanding Informational Series or Special.

Congratulations to all our lovely HBO shows, along with their casts and crews for an amazing few days! Let the awards keep coming and the episodes keep filming!

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