Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Says Spielberg LBJ Biography Picture to Become HBO Film

cranston-hbo-film-199x300Rumors had been swirling about renowned director Stephen Spielberg and his plans to bring a Tony-Award winning play All the Way to life on television.  The show focuses on the life of LBJ (President Lyndon B Johnson) and his struggle to enact the civil rights act of 1964.

Previously we’d only known about the director’s intention to make this happen and his preference for Bryan Cranston to reprise his on-stage role as LBJ. Also, word was that the production would be a mini-series of some sort.  But this week Vulture caught up with Walter Whi… err..  Bryan Craston and he clarified a few things about the upcoming adaptation:

“I don’t know if it’s a miniseries as much as an HBO movie. They want to see and honor the story, and so if it needs to be maybe four hours then it might be a two-hour and two-hour kind of thing.”

This wouldn’t be an unprecedented move as the HBO/BBC production of Parade’s End was split up into pieces making it a bit shorter than your average mini-series but much longer than a normal HBO Film. This is the first time that we’ve been able to (at least partially) confirm that the project will be on HBO. No official word has been released by the network and Mr. Cranston could simply be mistaken or speculating at this point but from the reports we’re hearing it seems all but inevitable and makes a lot of sense, quite frankly.

We’ll let you know when HBO makes the official announcement.  Either way, the more ‘Spielberg directing Cranston’ we get on HBO’s air, the better!


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